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Eureka! Picture this: Each day, I'd eagerly open my mailbox, my virtual gateway to hope, searching for that elusive, game-changing message. The emotional rollercoaster was dizzying—the anticipation that could rival the most thrilling suspense, the pangs of disappointment, the heart-pounding anxiety, and the exasperating frustration. But then, like a crescendo in a symphony, it happened—THE PERMIT arrived, a beacon of possibility, and suddenly, our dreams were tangible, our mission unstoppable.

This solitary piece of paper is not just a permit; it's the golden key to our journey's next chapter. It unlocks the doors to our true passion, the one thing that binds us all together—building. Building is not merely a task or just our mission; it's a gateway to crafting brighter futures for others.

But here's the thrilling twist: while we held our breath for this pivotal moment, we didn't stand idle. We poured our efforts into our other projects. We joined forces with the visionary JW Pedersen Architects, laying the groundwork for not just one but three impactful properties. A partnership agreement with West Cape May was signed, and will culminate in the construction of two single-family homes. The demolition of the remains of an abandoned building are complete to set the stage for a new home on Wildwood Avenue, as well as pursuing our vision of single-story duplex housing on Sumner Avenue, all in Middle Township.

And as if this symphony of achievements weren't enough, we recently marked a triumphant victory (albeit quietly at the homeowner’s request): one of our Habitat homeowners made their final mortgage payment. That journey continues, with another homeowner set to complete their mortgage this very month.

Stay tuned for more buzz on the Habitat Cape May horizon!


We are thrilled to welcome Bill Patton as the newest addition to our Executive Team, stepping into the role of Vice President after several years of active involvement as a build volunteer. Bill is excited to take on a leadership position and drive our organization's mission forward. His goal is to increase the speed of our builds, ultimately providing more families with the opportunity to have a Habitat home.

We look forward to the energy and expertise Bill brings to our team. At the same time, President Dave Hammond, Secretary John Marcelliano, and Treasurer Bruce Loversidge continue their invaluable contributions to Habitat Cape May. Together, they form our dedicated Executive Team for 2023/2024, committed to building a brighter future for our community.


🌟🏗️🔧 We're on the lookout for DeConstruction projects! What's that, you ask? Well, it's like a treasure hunt for reusable building materials!

Here's the deal: If you've got a home ready for a makeover and you're looking to give back, we want to hear from you! Our DeConstruction crew is a team of seasoned volunteers ready to salvage all those still-awesome building materials. ♻️✨

So, what's in it for you? 🤔 Not only do you contribute to a greener planet by reusing materials, but you also help us raise funds for affordable homes in Cape May County! 🏠🌍

Do you have some materials that deserve a second life? Let our DeConstruction team check them out for qualification. Email kathy.grubelic@habitatcapemay.org

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is proud to announce our sponsorship of Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation's 2nd Annual Always Ready 5K on October 14th. This event is vital in developing programs and community activities that benefit the Active-Duty Coast Guard Service Members in Cape May County.

Our affiliate is grateful for the incredible support Coast Guard Service Members have provided to Habitat over the years, from home builds to helping construct the ReStore. In fact, during our last build, we were fortunate to have several Coast Guard Service Members on our volunteer team. We believe fostering and strengthening this relationship is beneficial to our community. We wish the best of luck to all participants!


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