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To quote the legendary Carole King “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumblin' down” … that’s exactly the progress happening at our two build sites in Upper Township. The trees came carefully crashing down and the site is being prepped for next steps for each of these homes. We recently learned Hugo was not able to remain on the Habitat team so we are seeking a replacement but God is looking out for us by way of Budd Springer coming back into the mix temporarily. The search for a new architect has also presented some challenges, but those obstructions will not halt the construction! As of this writing, here is what’s happening behind the scenes:

  • The test pits for the septic system have been dug and Budd is making visits to the township construction office.
  • Yesterday morning, Vince gave the tool trailer a once over to be sure everything is in its proper place.
  • Kathy, our Community Engagement Ambassador, is stockpiling the snacks and drinks and conducting outreach for construction site lunch providers.
  • Homeowners Chelsea, Miriam and John have begun volunteer hours by creating partner family videos and writing thanks you’s for the golf tournament.
  • I am ordering the gift-in-kind appliances from Habitat International so we have them in time for installation when the house arrives.
  • Your continued interest and support of Habitat keeps all the wheels in motion as it is through the collective will to keep momentum going that we our successful for the sake of others.

- Interim Construction Supervisor - 

Budd Springer


Habitat for Humanity continues responding to the war in Ukraine in neighboring Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia by working to help meet the shelter needs of both families on the move to other destinations and those seeking a more permanent place to live.

In Romania, Habitat for Humanity activities have included the distribution of emergency travel kits, working with transportation companies to coordinate travel from the border to accommodations, and efforts to secure temporary shelter for refugees in apartments and hotels.

Habitat for Humanity Poland, set up a housing help kiosk at one of Warsaw’s main transit stations through a partnership with the city, matching refugees with mid-term accommodations listed in a city database of households willing to host families as well as apartments and homes secured through other means. Their ReStore became a source of furniture, bedding and household supplies for host families who have opened their homes to displace families.

In addition, Habitat Poland is offering housing and construction expertise to governments and other partners to explore the feasibility of repurposing so-called empty spaces – such as unused schools and factories – that can serve as shelter for refugees.

Habitat Hungary, meanwhile, has facilitated transitional accommodations of refugees in and around Budapest, helping mediate between landlords and refugees, including legal agreements for use of the apartment, as well as translation services and transportation.

Habitat has addressed shelter needs in Central and Eastern Europe since 1992, working in Poland since 1992 and in Romania and Hungary since 1996. Habitat’s regional offices for Europe and the Middle East are based in Slovakia.

Since our beginning in 1991, Habitat has been built on a foundation of faith. Our mission is to build safe, affordable housing in Cape May County, and that comes from a desire to put God’s love into action.

We are God’s hands and feet, here to serve others and show them his love. The tangible experiences that Habitat provides allow you to engage those around you, live your faith and offer a unique opportunity to love your neighbor. You’ll also have the opportunity to work alongside future Habitat homeowners.

Here are ways your faith group can help Habitat for Humanity of Cape May County.

  • Partner with Habitat Cape May on one of our builds.
  • Prepare on-site meals for Habitat volunteer crews.
  • Advocate for safe, affordable housing accessible for all. More than one in four people worldwide live in substandard housing conditions, including families in your area, and you can lend your voice to this critical issue.
  • Invite Habitat Ambassadors to your faith community to speak about Habitat's mission and the need for safe, affordable housing.
  • Collect Habitat for Humanity offerings at your church or faith gathering to build all or part of a house.
  • Provide in-kind goods and services.
  • Pray for the lives and communities of those touched by Habitat, which often includes vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, disabled and socially marginalized. We believe very strongly in the power of prayer, and know that our work could not continue without it.

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